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There are several reasons that can lead you to visit Ponte de Lima. Given the invaluable value of its historical and cultural heritage, in the oldest village in Portugal renowned for its magnificent manor houses with the river at your feet there are also excellent conditions to provide a good welcoming. Ponte de Lima does not really require many excuses to be visited, but there are events that attract even more people like the International Gardens Festival, the “Vaca das Cordas”, the Horse Fair and the “Feiras Novas” (municipality festivities). The beautiful gardens, where the Arnado Theme Gardens and the Bertiandos and S. Pedro de Arcos Lagoons Protected Landscape Area stand out, serve as an invitation to take a walk in the fresh air. With a rich history and a typical gastronomy, where the famous “sarrabulho” rice reigns, we cannot also forget the local wines (“vinho verde”). With regard to local riches, another highlight is the beautiful handcraft, especially embroidery, masonry and weaving. With so many pleasant features, this is a village that enchants all those who pass by.

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