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The municipality of Terras de Bouro is located in the basins of the Cávado and Homem rivers and profits from the magnificent landscape of the only Portuguese national park – Peneda-Gerês, which presents images of a unique beauty, traditions that extend in time and a remarkably rich history. In particular the Vilarinho das Furnas village, located at the foot of the Amarela Mountain is an obligatory stop seeing as it disappeared under the waters of the Homem River in 1971 when a dam with the same name was built. Presently, when the water level descends, the houses, rocks and roads appear on the banks, like a ghost village. Its diverse fauna and flora and numerous natural and artificial conditions for the practice of mountain and nautical sports, make Terras de Bouro an excellent and very sought out tourist region. Before you leave, take a peek at the linen and embroidery work and to regain your strength, have lunch at one of the local restaurants where the menu suggests a bean and cabbage stew, a course prepared with biological kid, bred on the Gerês Mountain, and for dessert Sta. Eufémia Pastry.

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