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The richness of human occupation in the municipality is represented here in its archaeological, architectural and ethnological heritage of its most mountainous villages, with several legacies from prehistory to Roman times. The natural patrimony manifests itself in a set of landscapes where the murmur of the water flow and the green of the vegetation is reconciled, an idyllic patent present in the riverside areas of the Cávado, Homem and Neiva rivers. Vila Verde also assumes itself as a stage of emblematic events, pilgrimages and artisan values ​​that have its pinnacle in the Valentine’s Handkerchiefs. Tourism ventures in rural areas are an excellent opportunity to be seduced by spaces that privilege family hospitality, land products and local traditions, providing the visitor with unrepeatable experiences. If we associate this with the hospitality from our people, the aromas, the colors and the flavours of our traditional gastronomy, we have founded the reason to know and visit Vila Verde, with its 1001 charms to discover.
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