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Vila Nova de Famalicão is served by a beautiful green landscape marked by mountains and valleys, and is currently an important centre of cultural, industrial, commercial and cattle breeding activity. Land of culture and knowledge, namely through the contemporaneous programme of the “Casa das Artes” (Arts House), several foundations and museums, it is also the homeland of the great novelist Camilo Castelo Branco. Being a land good to live in and also good to invest, the council has recently opened in 2012 what is now called the northern region’s “lung”, the “Parque da Devesa”, a park extended over 27 hectares of green space, crossed by a river now free from pollution, a lake and several cultural equipments. The people of Famalicão’s identity is thus reinforced in their traditions contributing to make Famalicão a genuine and attractive municipality. Its gastronomy (roasted pork Minho style), as well as its handcraft (basketry and pottery), the events and its historical heritage are Famalicão’s main tourist attractions. Famalicão is, without a doubt, a consistent example of modernism and a mandatory destination to visit.

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