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Situated on the convergence of Minho with the Douro Litoral, Vizela receives all its guests with open arms and a contagious affection, starting with good food, especially its roasted codfish and veal recipes, always accompanied by a glass of great wine, not to mention its traditional sweet – the “Bolinhol” or covered sponge cake, exclusive in all of Portugal. On the other hand, Vizela handcraft, namely its pottery and terra cotta, are transformed into a variety of artistic pieces. The enjoyment of magnificent verdant landscapes, beautiful and mysterious places of worship, or the admiration of the still existent traces of roman occupation, are just some of what Vizela has to offer. The qualities obtainable in the characteristics of its mineral-medical waters make Vizela’s Thermal Springs a great option, not only for health reasons, but also because of its peaceful environment. Discovering this youthful municipality will definitely be worth it.


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