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Designed with green and gold, right in the heart of Minho, Póvoa de Lanhoso is a land that reveals times of a historical and monumental Portugal. In the streets, we run a space between modernity and tradition, nature and serenity. Among the green valleys of Cávado and Ave, it presents itself as a municipality rich in history, heritage, tradition and environment, of which we highlight the Castle of Lanhoso, located in the largest monolith of the Iberian Peninsula; The legendary popular hero Maria da Fonte, symbol of the determination of the women of the Minho, today perpetuated by the Interpretive Centre to which she gave the name; The Filigree, ancestral art rooted in several workshops in the municipality and the majestic Carvalho de Calvos, the oldest example of its Iberian Peninsula species with more than five centuries. But Póvoa de Lanhoso still has in gastronomy reasons that pride its people and which reinforce a sense of hospitality so characteristic:  the grilled cod that Jorge Amado has praised, the kid to S. José and the famous “romaria” steak which is eaten here as nowhere else, and its local wine (“vinho verde”).

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