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To know Valença is to go through the memories of 2000 years of the most remarkable pages of the historical adventures of Portugal and Spain, engraved in granite stones. A jewel of bracketed military architecture, with 5 km of wall, a Living and Multicultural Fortress, candidate for UNESCO World Heritage. The houses, the military buildings, the churches, the views over the Minho river, the old metal bridge and the medieval Tui city complete a unique picture. Valença, a military bastion for the defense of Portugal's independence, is today a space open to the world and a symbol of relations between Portugal and Spain. The Fortress and the unique flavors of gastronomy with cod, wines and sweets are an irresistible invitation to feel Valença. Valença is an experience that marks who walks in its streets, round roads, ditches and nooks, in a city of border and multicultural, crossed by the pilgrims to Santiago. Valença is a reference for good shopping in the Iberian Peninsula. Valença is Magic!

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