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The Village


Walking through the streets of Paredes de Coura is like discovering a history of centuries mainly linked with the fine examples of religious and civil architecture. It’s a place where the visitor can encounter tradition and modernity blended in equipments such the Cultural Centre, the Regional Museum, the Rural Shop, the Municipal Swimming-Pools, the Municipal Pavilion or the Taboão River Beach, all spaces of culture and leisure the municipality is proud of. Installed on a residential estate of the Quinta da Veiga, the Regional Museum is a living stage of the old agricultural traditions. Set on two buildings – the rich house of the landlord and the rustic house of the tenants – visiting these grounds is to know the portuguese rural life at the end of 19th century. The Cultural Centre, a multipurpose building, is set out on two auditoriums; one room operates weekly as a movie theatre and hosts a wide spectrum of conferences, seminars and congresses. The main auditorium, with 355 seated places, hosts regularly shows of theatre, dance, traditional and classic music, and also chamber music.

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